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Slingshot Roadsters

Slingshots in The Smokies 2022 – All Inclusive Platinum Package

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The 8th Annual Slingshots in The Smokies, also known as the Super Bowl of Slingshot Events, will once again take place post Memorial Day until the following Saturday!

Slingshot Roadsters is proud to announce that there will be new and exciting additions to be included during this upcoming Smokies 2022 event.

An autocross will be held for 2 days during the event. This was previously conducted during a Slingshot Roadsters Event in Colorado many years ago and was deemed to be a huge success! New competitions will be held on Friday with more fun coming up on Saturday!

Smoky Falls Lodge, the new hotel addition with a full remodeled bar and restaurant, outdoor entertainment area on the river and multiple events held on the property is now exclusively available for accommodation via Slingshot Roadsters new All-inclusive Platinum Package! Additional perks of SSR Platinum Membership include everything you need to have the best time.

Slingshots in The Smokies will feature the fantastic group ride experts who will lead an assortment of rides throughout the Maggie Valley Area during the event.

The LED Lights Competition will now be conducted after the newest addition of a night group ride, exploring the beauty of the surrounding areas after sunset!

Known for providing the best purchase + installation experience for Slingshot owners, Slingshot Roadsters will continue to have the largest variety of Slingshot Vendors present.

In addition, there will be a band on stage, meet & greets, Bingo, a Slingshot Party and 8 Mile Show Parade on the final Saturday of Slingshots in The Smokies.

This listing belongs to the All-Inclusive Platinum Package ONLY.

Registrations for this package currently must be paid in full (please note that the price varies depending on the accommodation you choose). Be advised that in the event of a cancellation for this package, a NON-REFUNDABLE 30% deposit fee will be withheld. In the event the card gets declined, we will contact you, if you do not wish to pay the balance or we are unable to get in touch with you, the room will be offered to someone else.

The packages are for 2 people (2 entries, 2 special bands, 2 shirts, 1 welcome basket), if you wish to add an extra person, please email us at

Please note that room accommodation starts on Wednesday, to book for Tuesday, please email us.

Once the full balance has been paid, you will get an email with further instructions.


Q: Do I need to get the Regular Package to enter the show?

A: You don’t. This Platinum Package includes your registration.

**Please note that Platinum Package bookings must be paid in full. In the event of a cancellation for a Platinum Package booking, please be aware that 30% of the total cost (which is dependent on the specific Platinum Package option chosen) is NON-REFUNDABLE.