Vendor check-in: All Vendors must check-in Monday May 27th beginning at 9am EST and will receive upon completion of check in, a wristband (ID required), and at this time SSR will verify vendor payment and provide each with the exact location of booth for the show.

Booth Setup: All vendors must have their booths set up on Monday May 27th beginning at 9am EST and ready to go by the designated start time of the show (May 28th 9:00 am). Booths must be clean throughout the show, organized, and visually appealing. All RV overnight parking is subject to a daily rate of $25.  

Product Display: Vendors must display their products in a professional manner that is
consistent with the quality of the Slingshot Roadsters brand. All products must be clearly priced, labeled, and presented in an attractive manner.

Product Knowledge: Vendors are expected to have detailed knowledge about their products, including specifications and features, and be able to answer any questions that visitors may have.

Salesmanship: Vendors are expected to always be professional and courteous, and to engage visitors in a friendly and informative manner. High-pressure sales tactics are not permitted.

Safety: Vendors must ensure that their products are safe and comply with all relevant safety regulations. Any potentially hazardous products must be clearly labeled and displayed in a safe manner.

Cleanliness: Vendors are responsible for maintaining the cleanliness of their booths, including removing any trash or debris in and around booths. Food vendors must also comply with all relevant health and safety regulations. If any trash/garbage is left overnight, $150.00 fee will be imposed for daily infraction.

Compliance: All vendors must comply with the rules and regulations of the Slingshot Roadsters show and any local laws and regulations that apply to their business. $150.00 fee for arriving late or leaving before the end of the show.

Check out / Tear down booth: All vendors to be at booth open and not tear down prior to 4pm EST Saturday June 1, 2024, and Roadsters event staff will be around to Check out & confirm all the area is clean prior to departing.

By signing below, I acknowledge that I have read and understand the vendor expectation list for the Slingshot Roadsters in the Smokies 2024 and agree to comply with ALL of the above requirements including all additional fees described herein